Marfa Invitational

Corey Mason
4.4.2019 – 7.4.2019

Saint George Hall / Hotel Saint George / Marfa / Tx

Achenbach Hagemeier is pleased to announce its participation in Marfa Invitational with a solo presentation of new paintings by Raleigh-based artist Corey Mason.

Corey Mason's work is visually offkilter and culturally indeterminate, Mason remixes fragments from humanity’s shared archaeological record. Paleolithic-inspired pigment paintings on reverse primed canvas hang on alongside playfully ambiguous mountainlike shoes or vessel patterns. Mason’s hybrids point simultaneously to the Lascaux and Chauvet caves and to Picasso’s Minotaur paintings, while his images of pottery suggest both European and Mesoamerican referents. By using motifs (and sometimes colors) that have reappeared across vast chasms of time and place, Mason discovers the familiar in the faraway.

Achenbach Hagemeier