Christian Hoosen

born 1981, lives and works in Berlin, DE

In Berlin-based artist Christian Hoosen’s multi-layered works, the viewer’s eyes get lost in a complex field of radioactive debris from consumer culture. Fragments of an overused pop aesthetic collide in both figurative and abstract representations, occasionally opening up fantastically dark pictorial worlds.

"The title of Christian Hoosen’s latest series of works, “Girls on Film” leads us to expect a world of cliches, yet these expectations quickly run aground at first sight of the paintings on view. Instead of glamorous “Girls”, our eyes encounter a complex radioactive field of consumer debris, where fragments of overworked pop and art aesthetics collide, ricochet, congeal and react to each other. Figurative, abstract, and hybrid areas overlap in a seemingly undirected multi-dimensionality lacking anyrecognizable center. Breasts whirl around, free-floating in space like asteroids, purposeful lines without arecognizable subject lead us nowhere. Between streaks of hot matter and hard geometric objects, amaelstrom emerges, a strangely balanced chaos of colors, emotional states, and scraps of meaning. Anyone looking for stability here will be looking for a longtime."
Christopher Knipping, Christian Hoosen: Girls on Film, Achenbach Hagemeier Berlin, 2019

*1981 in Verden, Germany, lives and works in Berlin, Germany

(S) soloshow, (T) two-person show,(G) groupshow, (C) catalogue 

Art Berlin, Solo Booth with Achenabch Hagemeier, Berlin, (S)
Girls on Film, Achenbach Hagemeier, Berlin, Germany (S)
Eure Kirche, Kunsthaus Jesteburg, Germany (S)
Coryfin 100, Kunstverein Achim, Germany (S)

Konkreter wird’s nicht, Tore Süssbier, Berlin, Germany (S)
Die gesammelten Zeichnungen, Tore Süssbier, Berlin, Germany (S)
RBMA20 kuratiert von Johann König, Funkhaus Berlin, Germany (G)
Ngoro Ngoro, Grossgrundbesitz Jonas Burgert, Weissensee, Germany (G)
Die neue Mona Lisa, Galerie Melike Bilir, Hamburg, Germany (G)
HoosenSchratMoses, Galerie Russi Klenner, Berlin, Germany (G)

Mühe Hoosen - Hoosen Mühe. Kuratiert von Gott, Brunnen22, Berlin, Germany (G)
Business in the Front, Party in the Back, Refshaleoen, Kopenhagen, Denmark (G)

Heat Affected Zone, Muster Contemporary, Bern, Schweiz (S)
Klingeln bei Cordes, Schlafzimmer Sandrock, Berlin, Germany (G)

Postmortemhausen II, Galerie Katharina Bittel, Hamburg, Germany (S)
Far Beyond, Villa Schöningen, Potsdam, Germany (G)

53 Portraits, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, Germany (G)

Es muss so sein, Der Kunstverein in Hamburg mit Olaf Metzel, Germany (T), (C)
Preisschild, KingSize, Berlin (G)
Works on Paper, Galerie Katharina Bittel, Hamburg, Germany (G)

Battlecat Mondpferd, Galerie Katharina Bittel, Hamburg, Germany (S)
The Ground Breakers, Art’Up, Paris, France (G)
New Works, Bar Babette, Berlin, Germany (G)
Moraltarantula 5, Elektrohaus, Hamburg, Germany (G)
Index 12, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany (G)
Fall, KTV, Berlin, Germany (G)

Index 11, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany (G)
Collectors Home, Raab Galerie, Berlin, Germany (G)
Black Mass, KTV, Berlin, Germany (G)

Ich habe Sie gewarnt, Zehdenicker, Berlin, Germany (G)